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Promo Codes

Limited time only!

All of our escape rooms are now private.  Take advantage of the promo codes below to save!

Illinois Smith

Now you can visit us Monday-Friday between 12 and 5 with our weekday special of $125 for up to 8 people by using the promo code W33KDAY at checkout.

You can still take advantage of our $192 private booking for up to 8 people (a 7% discount) by using the code BESTM8TES at checkout.

Additionally, we also now offer a $150 private booking for up to 6 people (a 28% discount) by using code MY6TERY at checkout.

For smaller groups, we offer private bookings for $104 for up to 4 people (a 50% discount) by using promo code 4THEFAM at checkout.

Couples or groups of only 2 people are of course always welcome to join in on the fun with a $70 private booking (a 67% discount) by using code DATE2NITE at checkout.