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Limited time only!

To comply with social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, we are currently only offering private bookings! Simply put, putting a group strangers together with a group of different strangers in a small room for an hour does not sound very safe for you or for the staff! Instead, we are offering special promotions for various group sizes below!

Illinois Smith


You can still take advantage of our $180 private room deal for up to eight (8) participants by using the code BESTM8TES at checkout.

Additionally, we also now offer a $140 private booking for up to six (6) participants by using code MY6TERY at checkout.

For smaller groups, we offer private bookings for $100 for up to four (4) participants by using promo code 4THEFAM at checkout.

Couples or duos (2) are of course always welcome to join in on the fun with a $70 private booking by using code DATE2NITE at checkout.