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Ready for an Adventure?



Are you ready?

The Escapery is your gateway for adventure if you are brave enough!
You are the hero: it's up to you to save the day, recover powerful artifacts, or stop a ruthless killer. Gather your compatriots, select your adventure, and answer the call!

What is an escape room anyway?

Escape Rooms are wonderful for people who like riddles and games. You gather together your teammates and take on a series of puzzles and challenges to unlock the Room’s story but you better be quick: you only have 60 minutes to complete the challenge!

You’re not alone in your Adventure though. One of our talented Game Masters is on hand to give you a helping hand from time to time.


Party On!

We love to host your special events! From birthdays to bachelor(ette) parties celebrate the good times here. 


Play our Classic Ripper Adventure with MORE gore, NEW puzzles, and the never-before-told story of the Mad Butcher of Bury Street, all in the Classic Whitechapel set you know and love!

$20 Tickets and $140 Private Bookings
all OCTOBER with Promo Code:



My wife and I not only loved it but recommended to all our friends. The puzzles were challenging but satisfying and the creativity was on point. I’ve always been a gamer, and this experience was not only entertaining but immersive in a very enjoyable way.
— Joshua, TripAdvisor
This was crazy FUN! We did NOT escape within our one hour time allotment, however we had a blast working towards getting out. […] It was an extremely fun afternoon for our family and we cannot wait to try the new adventure when it’s ready. We would absolutely recommend The Escapery to everyone!

— Stephenie, Yelp
Simply put: If you are looking for something outside the box to do on a Saturday night, I highly recommend this! My wife and I bonded over puzzles and adventure in a stressful team environment and I couldn’t be more proud of her. They were extremely helpful when they needed to be to keep us excited about solving the mystery.
Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
We did this room tonight – it was so much fun! We have done nearly 15 rooms in Atlanta, and this ranked in top 3! The clues and locks are unique and thoughtful, and the decor is also well done! Very nice staff as well – excellent customer service.
— Jackie, Facebook


Our story

The Escapery was born out of a true love for puzzles and games

Our first room, Destiny, was originally built right in the creator’s basement and a passion was ignited.  We've grown quite a bit since then having shared our handcrafted experiences with thousands of guests over the past couple of years. We have grown to four adventures with our fifth room on the way (stay tuned for more on that in the near future.) Our love of the craft has grown and with each new adventure we get to share that passion with our guests.


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