A chilly november wind... 

slices its way through Whitechapel cutting all present to the bone. Unfortunately, the wind is not the only thing causing pain. Everyone had assumed that the night stalking terror known as “The Ripper” had fled the country or had perhaps met his well-deserved fate but it seems that was merely wishful thinking amongst the denizens of London.

New victims have been discovered these past few weeks indicating that Jack may well be back at large and once again up to his old...tricks. The case has been reopened by Scotland Yard and once again they are on his heels.

You and your team of investigators are close to ending this nightmare. You believe that not only you have uncovered the location of murder's lair but have managed to narrowed down his profile to just three suspects.

Using your collective wits, there is only a small window of time for your team to gain access to the Ripper’s hideout, unmask the murderer, and rescue his latest victim before she meets an untimely and grisley end.