A Special Note for Groups With Minors

Hello There, Lucky Kid Wranglers!

Thanks for choosing The Escapery for your event!

We love hosting groups with kids, and escape rooms are a perfect way to promote critical thinking, team work, face-to-face connection, and fun. The Escapery offers games of skill and deduction that are designed with players age 13 and over in mind. However, adventurous kiddos of all ages will enjoy our adventures with the correct Adult/Child ratio.

The ratios that we require are:

Ages 8 to 11 - One adult in the escape room per THREE kids.

Ages 12-14 - One adult in the escape room per FOUR kids.

Ages 15-18 - At least ONE adult present in the escape room.

If your group is partying it up with an extended package, please be sure that there are enough adults in attendance to supervise the minor players in the escape room and the children that may be playing games or socializing in event space. We depend on the adult attendees to remind the excited kiddos that this is a game of brains, not braun, and that they should take all that energy and channel it into puzzle solving. However, a Game Master may need to interfere if the safety of any Adventurers or our handmade props are in question.

PLEASE NOTE Guardians of all players younger than 18 are required to sign a waiver. The waiver link will be in your confirmation email, and waivers may also be signed upon arrival.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us