A Special Note for Groups With Minors

Hello There, Lucky Kid Wranglers!

Thank you for choosing The Escapery for your event!

If you are reading this, then you have the great fortune of organizing an event that includes minor Players between the ages of eight and sixteen. Younger players have a great time at The Escapery and an escape game event is a perfect way to promote critical thinking, team work, face-to-face connection, and fun. The Escapery offers games of skill and deduction that are designed with players age 12 and over in mind. However, adventurous kiddoes as young as eight have a great time with the proper child/adult ratio.

The ratios that we require are:

Players 8-11- One adult in the escape room per THREE kids.

Players 12-14- One adult in the escape room per FOUR kids.

Players 15-16- One adult present in the facility at all times.

If your group is partying it up with an extended package, please be sure that there are enough adults to attend the minor players in the escape room and at least one adult with the children that may be playing games or socializing in event space. Sometime tweens and young teens get super excited- exactly the way that they used to when they went to Chuck E. Cheese when they were “little.” We depend on the adult attendees to remind them that this is a game of brains, not braun and that they should take all that energy and channel it into puzzle solving rather than, oh say, using our handmade props to whack-a-mole or spar. While Escapery staff is present to facilitate game play, we find that adult attendees do the best supervision when they are not using their devices during events. If the younger members of your group are finding it difficult to control their enthusiasm an Escapery Game Master may gently remind them to keep their cool. If the Game Master feels that props, puzzles, or other members of the party may be harmed they will once again step in. After a couple rounds of this, the Game Master may call a pause or end the adventure… keeping your kiddoes safe and our game available for future players is a priority at The Escapery… we hope you’ve got our backs on this one.

Playing an escape room game is fun for most ages and most people. However, some kids do better jumping on trampolines or racing around a track 47,000 times in two hours. That’s cool, we get it. The Escapery has games that cover subject matter or are at a difficulty level that may not work for some minor players. A super sensitive ten year old WILL NOT have a good time in our Ripper Room… but a world weary 15 year old might rock it. We will make recommendations and let you do what you think is best. You know your kids and we trust you as the expert. We also appreciate that you return the favor by trusting us as the escape room experts. That’s about it. If you use the tools we offer here to supervise and inform your party, everyone should have a great time. If we can offer clarification or any other help, give us a shout out. We’re in this together and our common goal is to create a fun event and lasting memories for the kids in our care.

Let’s Do This Thing!

PLEASE NOTE Guardians of all players younger than 18 are required to sign a waiver in advance of the party. The waiver link will be in your confirmation email. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us