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Our Newest Adventures


Home for the Holidays


stepped out to run errands, leaving you home alone in a festive den, with one shiny gift taunting you from beneath the tree. Can you unlock it before your parents get home?

Warm up for your next adventure or find out what escape rooms are all about with this fun, family-friendly 30-minute adventure for only $15 per person!

Home for the Holidays is a 30 minute, introductory level, fun holiday themed experience for up to 4 Adventurers that is suitable for ages 8 - 120 and all skill levels. Contact us if you have a slightly larger party as we may be able to arrange something.

Difficulty: 1.5/5


The Curious Case of Gillian Grace


she was denied admission to The Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Gillian Grace was never one to take no for an answer.  She used her vast intellect to try and expand our knowledge of space and time but ended up... gone.

That is until a strange letter addressed to Marie Curie was uncovered in the Archives. The search for the truth begins and with your help we may just crack this Curious Case.

The Curious Case is a challenging, fun, steampunk styled experience for up to 8 Adventurers and is suitable for families.    

Difficulty: 7/5 (yes… it’s quite that curious! Not recommended for first timers.)


Classic Adventures

A true classic never goes out of style!

All Classic Adventures are 60 minute, timed events and are appropriate for children 12 and up with parental / guardian guidance.



Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to recover the fabled Spear of Destiny and save the world from a nefarious evil.

Destiny is a challenging treasure hunt for up to 8 agents. Inspired by action filled adventure franchises like the “Indiana Jones” series, Destiny contains many secrets but no scares

Difficulty: Normal 3/5      Legendary Mode 4/5*

*Legendary Mode is only available during a Private Booking


Jack the Ripper has struck again! As detectives you must track him to his hideout, rescue his latest victim, and deduce who the infamous killer is... All before the stroke of midnight!

Ripper is a thrilling mystery of discovery and deduction for up to 10 investigators. Inspired by true horrific events, Ripper can be an intense experience. Please notify your Game Master if you have health concerns. 

Difficulty: Normal 3/5 Legendary Mode 4/5

*Legendary Mode is only available during a Private Booking


A Secret Agent has been lost behind enemy lines. You must locate and assist him in completing his mission before it's too late. 

Silo is a military themed adventure for up to 10 operatives. Although dealing with themes of international warfare and spycraft, Silo is a game of deduction and problem-solving, not a game of horror.

Difficulty 4/5