5 Office Problems Escape Room Team Building Solves

Team building n. the action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of lame ice-breaker games, awkward charades and pictionary, or the dreaded trust fall.

If your employees cringe the second they hear those two words, you're not alone. The strange and unusual activities team leaders devise for the purpose of "team building" is a tale as old as time. And, let's be honest: they're embarrassing, and your team hates them.

Enter: escape rooms. Escape rooms have been, slowly but surely, taking over the team building world for the last ten years. They're cutting-edge, immersive, and indisputably fun; but, more importantly, they translate to actual results in the workplace. Here are just a few workplace problems an escape room can help you solve!

1. Poor Communication

Unlike most "team building" games that simply illustrate poor communication, escape rooms actually teach good communication skills by inserting your team into a situation where exchanging information quickly and efficiently is critical. Within the unique circumstances of an escape room, your team will realize the importance of choosing their words wisely and even finding different ways to communicate... after they get past a few bouts of frustrated rambling.


2. Undervalued Team Members

It's difficult to find a team building activity that doesn't give some team members an unfair advantage, and that's where escape rooms soar above all other activities. Escape rooms, by design, require no prior knowledge or skills, and your team's success is based solely on what they learn and acquire in the room. So, undervalued team members, get ready to shine!

3. Burnout

One of the greatest underlying messages of an escape room is "Don't be afraid to ask for help." Escape rooms allow a certain number of CLUES, and it's up to your team to decide when to use them. This simple system encourages your employees to use their energy efficiently and get help when they need it so they don't get burned out.


4. Intimidation

If you find your employees reluctant to share their ideas or voice their concerns, one roadblock may be intimidation. In addition to leveling the playing field, the many frustrating trials of an escape room also affords time for every idea to be heard, even the bad ones. So, if your employees are feeling too intimidated to speak up, they're about to get some much-needed practice.

5. Office Camaraderie

Finally, the biggest advantage of escape room team building is "THE WIN." Luckily, even if your group doesn't technically escape, you'll experience PLENTY of little wins along the way that will build overall camaraderie while reminding your employees to celebrate the small victories and acknowledge their hard work.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why escape rooms are the team building of tomorrow... TODAY. Click here to see about scheduling your next team building experience at The Escapery. 

Olivia Dean