5 Strategies That Will Save You From Humiliating Escape Room Failure


Time Is Against You

Strategy is important!

When it comes to building your team, practice and prep, and executing your plan seamlessly within an escape room, there are a multitude of strategies to consider. But, today, we're not going to talk about those. We're just going to talk about how to NOT fail miserably… which, let's be honest, is the most reasonable goal many of us can aspire to.

    1. Look everywhere THREE TIMES.

Ever waste a clue only to be told to "Check the desk drawer!" or some other obvious location your teammate SWEARS they already checked? That's why this is Rule #1. You haven't looked until you've looked three times.

    2. Hand it to someone else.

"Woe is me. I've read this clue forty-seven times, and I STILL can't figure it out. Better read it fifty-three more times, just in case." Sound familiar? That was me before I realized the power of handing It to someone else. 

Different people's brains work--GET THIS--differently. Based on your teammates' personality types and the way their brains respond to problems, a clue that takes one player twenty minutes to decode could be done in seconds by another player. So, if you can't figure it out in a few tries, hand it over. 

    3. Actually read.

Not only is this a polite courtesy to the game designers who likely spent hours hand-crafting the note you just tossed aside, but it also gives you better insight into the story and goals within the world you've entered. Passwords, locations, and explicit instructions are sometimes hidden in plain sight as a reward for those who take the time to read.

    4. Use your dang hints.

Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) run out of time with unused hints. Nothing says "I have no common sense" like watching the timer count down during your last five minutes while you trade your last clue in for an anxiety attack. 

    5. Lower your expectations.

This strategy is two-fold. First, don't strut into your local adventure location calling yourself a pro because you "did one of these things one time." In the wise words of Kendrick Lamar… Sit down. Be humble. Second, don't take yourself too seriously throughout the game. Losing is much less embarrassing when you didn't call yourself, like, "undefeated escape room beasts."